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Keep Your Food Fresh

24 Oct

One of the things that many households could be doing but simply fail to do is to observe how much food they throw out each and every day. Having the capabilities to seal your food, snacks, and freezer or fridge items and preserve it for much longer is ideal for several reasons.

Lower Grocery Bills:

If you have been to the grocery store recently, you already know how expensive it is to feed your family and provide them with flavorful, nutritious food. With so much money at stake, the last thing you want to do is waste that expensive food.

When you use SealStix Bag Sealer you can actually save a significant amount of money. By sealing your food, bags, etc,  by sealing the bags you will prevent snacks from becoming stale or dry, it will keep your freezer items from turning into freeImagezer burned food, and help you fridge items as well,  another huge benefit, you can stock up when those food items are on sale and then seal them until you need to use them. It is also cheaper to buy foods in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you aren’t paying for the extra packaging and other costs that typically go into the products that you purchase.


SealStix Bag Sealer has so much to offer

23 Oct

The SealStix Bag Sealer offers an easy to use and a great solution for sealing every bag,

Just slide the SealStix Bag Sealer over the open bag along the edges of the bag to seal it in seconds.

SealStix Bag Sealer creates an air-tight seal to keep food fresh for much longer.


  • Keeps food fresh and healthy
  • Keeps your potato chips crispy
  • Easy to use, simply clip on the bag and keep it airtight
  • Extra long design to suit different bags
  • Cute design, adds fun to your kitchen
  • Durable and reusable
  • Suitable for snack bags, fruit bags, bread bags, etc.
  • Perfect gift for snack lovers
  • Various Length: 8” 10” 11”

Stop throwing out money, use SealStix Bag Sealer

22 Oct

Wasting food means wasting money. But all too often leftover snacks, chips become stale in the pantry, fresh vegetables spoil in the refrigerator or prepared frozen dinners lose flavor and nutrition in the freezer. The solution is SealStix Bag Sealer

An Eco Friendly plastic rod, that slides over the open bag and seals it air tight, for easy storage,

Studies show that leftover food or snacks sealed well will last twice as long as food stored conventionally. Thanks to modern technology, SealStix Bag Sealer is so easy to use even kids can do it. Benefits: Moisture Proof, Leak Proof, Stale Proof, Preserves Freshness, Longer Shelf Life, Saves Money, Lots of sized to accommodate different lengths bags, Food Grade Plastic,

use SealStix Bag Sealer for pet food

21 Oct

use SealStix Bag Sealer for pet food

The dog too, hates stale meals, the dogs have spoken “we want fresh meals” seal the pet food bag with SealStix and give them fresh food…

SealStix Bag Sealer, Keeps your snacks always fresh

18 Oct

SealStix, Always fresh


SealStix bag Sealer

17 Oct


SealStix Bag Sealer

17 Oct

SealStix Bag Sealer

Use SealStix on open bag of salad